The technology of better real estate

The technology of better real estate

Social media and IT have had an overhauling influence on the real estate business, from how agents market properties, to the way potential buyers interact with the market.

Ruan Perera, Founder and Director of  VThree Real Estate says traditional sales listing portals and methods have been joined by social and digital methods, making for very well-informed buyers in the market who keep good agents on their toes.

“What technology has done is made information readily available to buyers – they are actually quite educated on what they are looking for,” he says.

“People searching to buy a home are wanting information about the property as quickly as possible. They prefer to get it whenever they want and without having to even call the agent or leave their phone details. Then, when and if they are interested, they make contact with the agent.”

Steve Meins, V Three  Real Estate’s Senior Property Partner says the social media side of marketing a residential property is also proving our vendor clients with more cost effective ways to create awareness, per view, of their property being for sale than any other media channel.

But, in a fast digital world, the response time to a buyer’s inquiry becomes paramount and we pride ourselves on getting back to them quickly”, he says.

“I still think it is the personal approach and people skill that are the most important aspect to close the sale. We understand the importance of both aspects and we work well from beginning to end.”

Meins says the new style of doing business means agents have to do their homework on the home and its neighbourhood before listing. Local cafes, schools, transport, facilities and parks must all be known by heart.

The three senior agents at V Three Real Estate works as a one team to provide great service to both the buyer and seller, working on a smaller volume of high quality listings to ensure that service is to their high standards are met. “We are very conscious of where we want to sit in the market as a real estate agency and proud of the service levels and results we have achieved – we provide mutual benefits that both buyer and seller deserve,” Meins says.


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